Bailey Bradshaw  Gun and Rifle Maker

Diana, TX

Farquharson Double Rifle

Double rifles.....unique among firearms. A rifle that inspires the romance of hunting dangerous game, of up close and personal encounters where ultimate reliability is necessary for survival. They are unlike any other rifle, and with time spent together, become a trusted partner for those moments when thought creates life threatening delays in reaction.

The falling block design in not common to double rifles, but exhibits benfits over traditional break action rifles. The compactness of the action centers the weight of the rifle for exceptional handling. Strength and mechanical simplicity ensure reliability and ease of use. Elegant lines with graceful sweeping curves and the massive breech block give sense of sublime power.

The Bradshaw Farquharson double rifle uses the same mechanical design as the single shot falling block, only doubled. Both barrels share a common breech block . The extractor is essentially a selective ejector with enough power to throw the spent cases clear for fast reloading. Fast reloading further enhanced by the twin tang troughs that funnel fresh ammunition into the chambers. Leonardo Da Vinci is quoted " simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". It's hard to imagine a more simple, strong or effective action for a double rifle.  There is no hinge pin to wear, barrels will never become loose and off face. The extractor is comprised of only two parts. The breech block with it's massive recoil bearing shoulders and bushed strikers is fitted with less clearance the the width of a hair. Actions are machined from solid billets of 4140 alloy for blued actions, and 8620 alloy for color case hardened actions.

Available calibers are any rimmed cartridge up to .500NE. Actions are scaled to provide the appropriate weight for caliber.

As with all Bradshaw rifles, wood and engraving can be upgraded to any level desired. Options such as color case hardening, butt stock treatments, sights and scope mounting are all available. Please inquire for pricing and details.

Base price for rifles up to 9.3X74R is $10,500. Big bore rifles are priced at $12,500 and feature extended top tangs and articulated front trigger.

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