Bailey Bradshaw  Gun and Rifle Maker

Diana, TX

Farquharson single shot

The strength, simplicity and reliability of a falling block action is without question. When I set out to design my falling block action, a clean, elegant profile was the starting point. The internal mechanism for cocking and  extraction borrow heavily from the Gibbs Farquharsons of old. The trigger is integral with the sear, again similar to the original design. Flat V main spring provides plenty of power. Firing pin is in line with the bore, and is bushed providing protection from ruptured primers. Force from the hammer is applied to the firing pin vis a transfer bar located in the breech block.  A modified Gibbs type extractor is both strong and effective enough to act as an ejector with a quick drop of the underlever. All components of the action are made as simple, precise and robust as possible. This approach yields and action comprised of overbuilt components without and eccess of parts. Simple, strong and reliable.

As much attention is paid to the asthetics of the action and resulting rifle. Clean, flowing lines and balanced proportions are used to create a rifle with classic looks and handling. Styling is heavily based on the English school for a sublime, understated elegance. Finished weight of a typical medium caliber is 6 to 6 1/2 lbs, and the balance  point is at the underlever hinge. AA grade Turkish walnut is standard, as is 30% coverage of the action with fine English scroll. Both wood and engraving can be upgraded  to any level desired.
Finaly, the one thing all rifles must posess.....accuracy. All of my falling block rifles will shoot one minute of angle or less. Triggers are set at a crisp 3 1/2 lbs.

Available calibers are any rimmed case up to .500 NE. Actions are scaled in two sizes. The standard action can accomodate up to 9.3X74R. Large actions up to .500 NE. 

The base price for rifles using the standard size action is $6500. Large actioned rifles are base priced at $7500.  Base rifles have blued actions, 22 lpi hand checkering, iron sights with 1/4 rib suitable for scope mounting.

Options are available such as color case hardening, sight options, wood and engraving upgrades. Please inquire regarding priceing of the options you may desire for your rifle.



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