Bailey Bradshaw  Gun and Rifle Maker

Diana, TX

Small bore double rifle

Built on a petite .410 scale action, these double rifles are a delight to carry afield. Weighing less than 6 lbs and balanced perfectly at the hinge pin, the perfect rifle for small game. The rifles can be chambered in any rimmed cartridge from .357 Maximum and smaller with .22 Hornet, being the most common choice. Designed from the ground up to be a double rifle, features such as double Purdey underbolting and bushed strikers separate these wieldy little doubles from smallbore shotgun conversions.

Barrels are mounted useing the shoelump method with the top rib integral to the underlugs. This system reduces the overall weight of the rifle while allowing thicker barrel walls at the chamber. This in turn allows the frame to be narrower as the barrels can be a smaller diameter at the breech. A traditional monoblock system requires the end of the barrel to be turned down and inserted into the block. 

Lockwork is mounted on the triggerplate similar to a Dickson round action. The result is more steel left in the action bars giving superior strength. 

Actions can be made from my own damascus as well. If you desire a truly distinctive rifle, a damascus actioned small bore double rifle certainly fits the bill.

Additional barrel sets can be ordered in any of the availabel rifle calibers as well as .410 shotgun. A three barrel set in .357 Maximum, .22 hornet and .410 shotgun is a truly versatile firearm suitable for deer sized game to varmints to quail, all on a delightfully petite action. 

All of the rifles are extractor only with double triggers.

Base price for my small bore doubles is $8500. As on all Bradshaw rifles, wood and engraving can be upgraded as desired. Extra barrel sets start at $1850.


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