Bradshaw Sidelever Falling Block

This is a shooters action. Intended to offer a solid platform to build a rifleman’s rifle. Falling block actions are noted for their strength, but traditionally have challenges to the internal mechanisms. Angled firing pins, transfer bars and heavy main springs to overcome mechanical shortcomings leave a less than optimal characteristics. From a bench rest perspective, underlevers are inconvenient. A sidelever allows for easy opening without moving the rifle or requiring extra space under the rifle. 

Bradshaw Sidelever Falling Block

The internal mechanism is where this action shines. In stead of a large V mainspring and hammer impacting either an angled firing pin, or velocity robbing transfer bar ( which requires even more powerful mainsprings), A simple and highly efficient coils spring driven striker is housed inside the breech block. In line with the bore of the barrel, a very fast lock time and a lighter main spring allow for a platform bred for accuracy and ease of use. This also aides in making the action more reliable due to massive sear engagement similar in principle to a bolt action rifle. Also, the sear exerts perpendicular forces against the trigger mechanism, further reducing stresses against the trigger. Traditional hammer and sear arrangements place the force of the main spring directly against the sear nose, which makes attaining a light and crisp trigger very difficult without compromising safety. The tang safety blocks both the sear and trigger making accidental discharge nearly impossible.  

The trigger, the shooters main interface with the shot, has to be consistent, light enough to easily tough off, zero creep and a clean break for maximum accuracy. Every shooter likes their trigger just a little different than the next. This means it must be adjustable. This action delivers with a removable trigger group featuring adjustments for sear engagement and pull weight. Weight can be adjusted to lighter than 1 lb. 

Finally, the extractor. A tried and true design known as the Martini extractor is used. It provides strong primary extraction by shifting the fulcrum point to just below the chamber, increasing leverage by three times. Once the primary phase is exhausted, the extractor pivots at the bottom of it’s length creating velocity and travel. This is all accomplished with a one piece, robust extractor. 

Reliable, strong and sophisticated in it’s efficiency 

The action can accommodate any rimmed cartridge up to 9.3x74R, either center fire or rim fire. Please specify when ordering if it will be for rim fire. 

The action is attached to the stock with a through-bolt.  

Standard barrel threads are .9″ diameter, 20 threads per inch. Other thread dimensions can be machined in up to 1″ diameter.

The actions, breech blocks and levers are machined from 8620, and will require hardening. They are left soft for engraving. Internal components are made from either 8620 or S7 and are hardened and polished and fully functional. I do offer color case hardening services. This action would cost $150 to color case harden

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