Design Your Bradshaw Rifle

Bradshaw Base Rifle

A base Bradshaw rifle on both single shot and double rifles include the following:

  • Fully functioning and finished rifle
  • One standing and one folding leaf rear sight, front sight either small bead or fiber optic
  • Quarter rib machined with integral dovetails for Talley style scope rings
  • AA quality Turkish walnut stock, hand rubbed high satin oil finish, 20 line per inch hand checkering
  • Steel grip cap and pachmayer decelerator recoil pad
  • Slow rust blued barrel
  • Color case hardened action of 8620 steel


Rising Block Single Shot Rifle 

  • Calibers from .22 Hornet to 9.3X74R
  • Calibers from .375 Flanged Magnum to .500 Nitro Express

Rising Block Double Rifle

  • Calibers from .22 Hornet to .500 Nitro Express (Action scaled to caliber)

Optional Upgrades

Action Finishes​

Rust blue     No extra charge
Coin finishTier 1
Special-order metal*Tier 3


Full coverage English scroll   Tier 1
Deep relief engraving, fine line shadingTier 2
Deep relief, sculpted engraving  Tier 3


I can help you select a stock blank that fits your desires. Wood is very personal in taste, but takes experience to see possible problems and defects. I can help guide you to a stock that will bring a smile to your face for decades and always try to keep price in mind.

Wood UpgradesTier 3

Barrel Treatments

Extra Barrel set for Rising Block double rifleTier 2
Sling swivel barrel band/stud     Tier 1
Scope mounting and sighting (Customer supplied scope and rings)Tier 1

Recoil Pad & Grip Cap

Skeleton grip cap Tier 1
Steel butt plate, checkeredTier 1
Leather covered recoil padTier 2
Heel and toe platesTier 2


Custom checkering patternsTier 3

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Terms and Conditions

When placing an order, a 1/3 deposit of the base price of the model rifle makes the order firm. The deposit is non   refundable under any circumstances, but may be transferred to another individual assuming the rifle in question. 

Upgrades requiring additional materials will be paid for at the time said materials are needed for the build. A second 1/3 payment is due when the rifle is stocked and has been fired for function. The final 1/3 along with cost of unpaid   upgrades is due upon completion of the rifle, prior to delivery.​

Delays happen, I am a one man shop and any event that interrupts my work causes a delay in every order. I make every effort to keep work moving and put in an average of 60-70 hours a week. Delivery times are estimated and not a guarantee, but are carefully planned out and made in full faith in my ability to meet them. A delay of any kind does not change the terms and conditions above.


My rifles are guaranteed for materials and workmanship for 5 years. Failures caused by hand loaded ammunition voids the warranty. I am the only authorized person to make repairs under warranty.